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Quality Policy

As Lithopak we produce qualified and reliable products by determining our customer needs and expectations on time with an accurate perception to ensure the continuity of a stable customer satisfaction. And accordingly our quality and food safety policy will follow as below; 


  • Understand customer expectations and needs completely and accurately to ensure continuous customer satisfaction
  • Ensure the continuity of product and service quality and to add more value to our customers products and processes
  • At any time present our products and services by constantly improving the quality, with zero error and favorable terms according to our customers' needs
  • Implement the importance of being an important link in the food chain by applying throughout the whole interaction process
  • Create an awareness of quality and food quality among our employees by implementing a qualified and hygienic production and ensure the continuous development in this regard
  • Create a supply chain of production of materials by always taking into account the criteria of quality and hygiene
  • Share the values of our Quality and Food Safety Management System with our employees and network by constantly updating
  • Put the health and safety first of our employees, customers and all the interested parties in mind before anything
  • Add value to our industry by working and developing ourselves with the principles of legal requirements, society morals and environmental protection


Environmental Policy

Since its foundation our company is working with eco-friendly and environmental protection policy which embraces;


  • Concern our operations to comply with environmental laws and regulations,
  • Inform our employees in order to improve environmental awareness,
  • Minimize pollution resulting from our activities,
  • Take advantage of natural resources wisely,
  • Ensure the decomposition of waste by specifying at source,
  • Continuously develop and improve our work by related Environmental Management System,
  • Transfer a livable environment and natural resources to future generations,
  • Ensure a continuous improvement on our activities and our systematic work by reviewing at regular intervals are indispensable principles of our environmental policy.


Ethic Working Policy

As Lithopak we defined human values, legal requirements, customer expectations and sensitivity and international business ethics and ethical values as our core values. Accordingly we have set and declared our employees our ethic working policy as follows;


  • Our basic principle is to approach to all our employees equally without any discrimination by respecting personal values and basic human values.
  • Our basic ethical values can never be disobeyed during our commercial activities in domestic and international trade platform.
  • In corporate sense when dealing with our customers and suppliers, and in ongoing communication as company or as company representative, unregistered trade relations, interest-based relations, embezzlement and corruption are never allowed.
  • Our company under no circumstances allows offers providing material interest, awards with financial values, bribery or bribery meaning trade to our customers, suppliers, suppliers / subcontractors working on behalf of us, and their representatives.
  • Our customers, suppliers or those working on behalf of them cannot offer gift, promotion, rewards or incentives to our employees for any kind of benefit or encouragement.
  • None of our employees can offer debt, guarantee, or personal commerce to our customers, suppliers or those working on behalf of them by using our company name or title.